Keep the Original Take!!

I remember when I was in my twenties  I just knew I was going the be next R&B sensation to come out of Tampa. I remember going to the music studio and recording my original songs.  The producer would play the music track while I sang over it to create a song. Then I would ask the producer to play it back so I could hear if I liked the take.  I HATED the sound of my unedited vocal, hated it!! LOL. My voice is raspy and deep (I’m a contralto). I always wanted a little auto tune to “clean up” my vocals. Seems like life is like that now.  So many filters for pictures, and video, it’s like no one likes their “original take”.  Even my 3 year old son wants to “approve” his photo after I’ve taken it with my phone’s camera.

How did we get to this place as a society, and how do we get to a place where we are fully acceptable of ourselves inside and out? We must get to a place where we live our lives as if there are no redos and retakes or filters to cover our flaws. Our flaws are what make each of us unique! It’s only until we accept those flaws that we will be at peace with ourselves and live out the best lives waiting on us!!

I had to learn that. I had to learn that I was created the way I am for a reason! I love my deep raspy voice now. I always tell  people I’m a basement worshipper.  On any given Sunday, my cry is deeper than my husband’s speaking voice and I’m ok with that! I used to cringe at hearing myself in the headphones while in the recording booth, and could never understand what people heard in my voice and saw in me.  Now I realize that my gift is not for me to like or love for that matter, but for others! Ultimately to bring glory to God.

What are you good at? What activities bring you joy? As this week comes to an end I encourage you to think about those things and get back to them for YOU! Pull out your journal, dust off your sewing machine, uncover your canvas, take out your pots, gather YOUR ingredients and just create whether something comes of it or not! That’s what I’m doing with my blog and it’s great!! Tonight before you go to bed, or whenever you’ve finished reading this blog, I encourage you to listen to “Flaws” by Kierra Sheard.

Sing your song friends, don’t worry about the mistakes. Oh what beautiful music you’ll make! Hold every note, be it short or long. Don’t let ANYONE stop you from singing your OWN song.



2 thoughts on “Keep the Original Take!!

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  1. Oh wow this was good girl, I was just having a conversation with someone at work about this same topic. We have become so accustom to filters and covering up the real that we often times can’t see ourselves without it. Poetry is definitely my passion and that is something I need to go back to. Great blog topic today!!! Love it


    1. @Almerie yes!! It’s a necessary conversation that needs to be had!! All the filters will make you forget what you really look like!! God made us designer originals!! I didn’t know you were a poet!! Yes! Do it!! Then share! 💜


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