You ever sit on your job and think to yourself, “There’s so much more to life than this?”  I do.  I blame it on Spring.  I mean the trees have never looked so green! The sky has never looked so blue.  It makes me feel like that’s where I belong, outside. Free!  I mean, I’m not even an outside person, but when I look at the hues of green, accompanied by pink blossoms, I just feel like getting up from my desk walking outside and never returning.  Of course, I never do it. But what if I did? The fear of the unknown. That’s what’s keeping me.  The insurance too, and the pay. But man, just to have a day where I could be free to just be.  What would you do?? If you had no constraints, no obligations, no fears. The truth is, I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Some days, I want to record music, other days, I want to model and take photographs. On most days, I want to lie in bed and do absolutely nothing! I honestly just want to be in a position to make any of those choices. What does financial freedom look like? For me it’s not checking my account balance every 5 minutes like an empty refrigerator. You know nothing was in it the last time you checked, but you look with hope anyway. Is this really living, or merely existing?? Is this life??  What I really enjoy is helping people figure “it” out. Sometimes you gotta talk “it” out with people, you know, get a good pep talk and get back out there.  What’s that called? Pep Talk Guru. Yea that’s it! Everybody needs somebody in their corner telling them “hey, you got this!”.  Hope Pusher. I like the sound of that.  I blame it on Spring! Because everything is just right outside, depending on where you live.  It’s nice here in Florida, 67 in the morning, 84 in the afternoon. I wouldn’t have any of these issues if my office didn’t have any windows.

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