Is it my day?

Every morning my husband takes our 3 and 2 year old sons to daycare.  Every morning, it has to be established who gets to open the door to the daycare. EVERY MORNING. My husband has it down to a science. On Monday, everyone opens the door together; on Tuesday, Caleb (my 3 year old) gets to open the door, Wednesday is Phillip Jr.’s day; Thursday is my husband’s day again, and Friday is Caleb’s day, I think. LOL I never get it right.  This must be established in first thing in the morning!! “Good morning mommy, its my day?”, asks Caleb.  Its a question that’s asked the entire morning until we arrive to the daycare. I kind of bucked the system a little one day. Phillip Jr. was adamant that it was his day to open the door even though it had been determined that Caleb would be the door opener. So I decided I’d allow both boys to open the door at different times.  I let Caleb out of the car first, told him to open the door, then close it behind him. I then let P.J out of the car and let him open the door. Everybody happy!! Everyone gets an opportunity to do what “big people do” -open doors.  It amazes me how much the boys want to prove their independence at such young ages. Nobody wants to be a baby! And, nobody wants to be last. Everything is so competitive!! Sheesh!  And so every day I’m told, “I want to do it by myself, mommy!”, or in the words of my 2 year old, “I do it my own self mommy!”  Ok, son you got it! I always give my boys an opportunity to be independent before they come to the conclusion that they need mommy’s help.

I was trying to make a point. Yes! My husband. I love how on at least one day, everybody gets to open the door. That speaks volumes. So does the fact that my son Caleb at 3 has to know if its his day to complete the most mature task his little mind can grasp. Is it my day? He has to know! If he had his way, every day would be his day to open the door. There always come the toddler tantrum and the crying. Then one of us, either myself or my husband has to remind him, “Today’s not your day, but there more days in the week then just today.”

Have you ever been so anxious to complete a task, or reach a goal, that you find yourself frustrated, only to be reminded that its just not your day? I’ve been there! What do you do though when the days turn into weeks, months, and even years? That’s tough.  So many dreams deferred, so many people who’ve stopped dreaming all because it didn’t happen in their timing or on their day.

I look at my own dreams. I’m well aware that there are hundreds of singers/songwriters thousands! I get it! All of them trying to shop their material to an artist or label who make their dreams come true. Not a day goes by that I don’t hear a song on the radio or Pandora and say, “That was my idea! That way my concept!”.

The truth is, nothing happens in a day, but during the days that you’re not signed, you’re not discovered, you’re not accepted you can still decide that today is your day.  Every day that you decide to take positive strides towards achieving your dreams and goals is your day.  Just like Caleb, determine early in the morning what your day is going to be like. Wake up everybody who can help you make it your day! Then, share the wealth! Allow everybody to have a day on YOUR day!! Lastly, accept when you need help.  Those who really want and can help you won’t rub it in your face that you needed their help.

Write down your goals and dreams.  Write down the steps that are going to get you there.  Identify the people who will help you along the way. Then ask yourself the question, “Is it my day?”.  Yes!! Everyday is your day!




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