Don’t Let It Consume You 

The hardest part about being me  is dealing with anger.  I become very entitled when I’m wronged or when I perceive that I have been wronged. I suppress anger and tears flow, then I become depressed.  It can be crippling at times.  I feel like I waste so much energy over things I can’t control; over things said and done in the past. I compare this flaw of mine to the thorn in Paul’s flesh.  I really want God to take it away.  

Have you ever been there?  Have you ever been so angry that it cripples you?  You can’t think clearly you can’t function,  you’re stunned and overwhelmed.  There has to be a better way to express myself.  For me, I cry because the words I may utter out of anger would be more detrimental than the original offense.  It’s a fight with my flesh.  Why can’t I strike back?  Why can’t I give them exactly what they gave me??  Why do I  have to turn the other cheek?? 

Here’s why : It will consume you.  It will destroy your very being from the inside out.  What happens when a car gets overheated? It stops functioning properly causing damages that are beyond repair. 

So how can we prevent ourselves from being consumed?   What is there to do besides take deep cleaning breaths? 

1. Write about your experience. Dust off an old journal and write your rage away.

2. Let the tears fall. A good cry like a controlled wildfire will cleanse and clear out those emotions stirring on the inside. 

3. Pray. Talk to God, He’s always listening. Use your words!! (this phrase is not just for toddlers!)  Say exactly how you feel to God. Leave all those emotions and ill feelings at the alter.

Whatever you do, don’t let it consume you.


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